Basic Day Care is a no-charge-service for residents.

The Basic Day Care service, administered by the Frail Care Unit operator, comprises of the following and is delivered to residents that agree or require any of the following services: 

Health Prevention and Promotion

  • Promotes active and healthy lifestyles through good living habits.
  • Encourage to maintain functional activities for daily living.
  • Support active involvement in the prevention of premature frailty and dependency, disability and illness. 
  • Promote general wellness, physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually.
  • Promote ongoing information towards healthy living.

The above procedures are undertaken with the support and buy-in of residents and where applicable, residents’ committees.

Health Monitoring

All residents are initially assessed, at the Frail Care Unit on specified days.

Support Services

This service enables residents to function independently and to access assistance in a time of crisis like an illness or mishap:

  • Referral to other professional support services as and when needed.
  • Provide essential information in respect of a medical condition.
  • Respond to an emergency call from the resident or co-resident and undertake appropriate procedures.
  • Arrange transport, including ambulance service, to assist the resident to access the necessary professional help.
  • Dissemination of information.
  • Interaction with families.
  • Facilitate free weekly health clinics for all residents (example BP and BM monitoring).
  • Arrange access to certain additional Professional Services the cost of which shall be borne by the resident, i.e.:
    a) Physiotherapy
    b) Counseling (social, psychological, spiritual)
    c) Occupational therapy
    d) Bio-genetics
    e) Additional Doctors’ consultation 
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