This level of care and support is meant for persons who are in need of constant supervision and support.

The services rendered in accordance with the Care Management Plan are:

  • All Basic and Additional services.
  • Minimum of 3 (three) meals per day, unless otherwise decided.
  • Daily cleaning of rooms.
  • Daily supervision.
  • Weekly health evaluation by the nursing sister.
  • Ongoing communication with the residents’ or Village physician.
  • Medication administration and control.
  • Daily assistance with activities of daily living as appropriate:
    - Bath/shower
    - Dressing
    - Grooming
    - Feeding
    - Walking
    - Foot care
    - Making of bed
    - Other as deemed necessary
  • Social and intellectual stimulation – reading, talking, music, etc.
  • Additional laundry service.
  • Nursing procedures as prescribed by the resident’s physician and/or required as part of the care plan.
  • Referral to other professional services.
  • Palliative procedures when required.
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